Finding My Balance

IMG_1501One of the terms I really dislike is “work-life balance”. I’ve never subscribed to that because work is a part of life. We can’t throw a switch when we walk into work, forgetting all of our “outside of work” problems – the broken washing machine, the kid’s struggle with the bully at school or the elderly parent that needs extra help from us. And when we punch out after our shift – either figuratively or literally – we don’t leave behind the frustrations of the work day.

I have struggled with life balance for a long time. I realized a few years ago that it has nothing to do with how much time is spent on an endeavour, but rather how much energy is spent in those activities. If I had an exhausting day at work, I would have used up my energy for that day so home life suffered – and my butt would be spending the evening on the sofa. If I was dealing with something stressful in my personal life, it was harder to put as much effort into my work tasks. The trick was to balance that energy so that I had some available for each area of my life. Sometimes priorities would mean that one area had to get more than its fair share in order to deal with more pressing demands.

Even though I took early retirement last year, I’m still struggling with finding my balance. Right now, health issues and cancelled dreams are competing with the need to control the stress I feel and find a way to contribute to the household demands – financial and operational. All of this has thrown me off balance. Totally and completely.

Second Wind has always been my sanctuary, although it has been harder this year to feel the calmness and respite when there. I need to make changes to get back to that feeling. So today, I start making changes. I reclaim that feeling of calmness when I am on the boat. I renew my energy. I stop worrying about things that can’t be handled when I am on Second Wind and instead immerse myself in the restorative energy of the water, the scenery, the friendships. Today, I find my balance again.


[I have a companion blog – Second Wind Sailing. See a related post “Keeping My Balance“.]

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