What’s Moving You?

Flapping SailIt begins as the perfect day. Sunshine – the perfect breeze – the ideal temperature. We set sail and, full of enthusiasm, we follow the wind, letting it take us where it will. The ride is all we could expect. Smooth – fast – fun. The sail continues like this for a while and we add this to our log of best days on the water. And then it happens.

Or doesn’t happen, as the case may be. The wind dies, the sails flutter, the boat stops.

Have you felt like this in areas of your life? Are things sailing along smoothly and all of a sudden, your wind dies, your sails flutter, you stop?

Have you hit a few ‘dead spots’ in your journey through life? Do you experience periods of no winds moving your forward? What do you do in these cases?

On a boat, there are a few options when this happens: Sit and enjoy the down time. Navigate to another area with wind. Start the engine and get underway again.

I’ve hit ‘dead spots’ a few times this year. I started with a new project, a new task, a new venture. I was moving along fine – my course was set, my energy was high as were my hopes. And then all of a sudden — nothing. Absolutely nothing. No movement. No energy. No wind.

When we hit these times, we have choices as well. We can sit and enjoy the down time, although life doesn’t usually allow us this luxury. We can change course and aim for other destinations. We can start our engines and keep going.

I’m working on the third option — learning what starts my engine and continuing on my charted course. The desire to contribute to these initiatives, do my best and see the final results keep me going. Assessing my commitment after a temporary period of drifting gets me going again.

What course are you plotting? What’s moving you?

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